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The One Night Stand: Some Rules to Live By

Not everyone is looking for a relationship right this minute. Perhaps life is busy and there’s not time for one. Maybe the individual just got out of a toxic relationship and would like to keep things casual while still enjoying the benefit of spending an hour or two with someone. Whatever the motivation, it pays to employ some basic rules and stick to them. Doing so improves the odds of enjoying the encounter and not having to deal with an unpleasant situation later on.

Screening Potential Playmates

While it’s still possible to go to a bar and pick up someone, most people find friends for the evening via the Internet. It may be by means of using an app or making a connection through some type of adult classified site. Whatever the process, it pays to do some screening before deciding when to meet and where.

Reading profiles on adult dating sites is a must. If the detail indicates the person is into anything that’s not what the individual has in mind, say so and move on to the next prospect. The same holds true if something is said while texting or exchanging emails. Nothing is worse than hooking up with someone only to find out they aren’t looking for something similar.

Getting into Specifics

Before agreeing to meet, have a frank discussion about what will take place. That includes setting boundaries and making sure there is no room for doubt about what is and is not considered acceptable. While this may mean going into some amount of detail, that’s fine. By making sure there are no misunderstandings about what will take place, it’s easier to relax and enjoy what’s to come.

Hygiene Matters

It doesn’t matter if the plan for the hookup involves something that will be over in two minutes or activities that will last for hours: personal hygiene matters. Unless the two parties have some sort of affinity for unwashed bodies, take a shower before heading out the door. Brushing the teeth won’t hurt either.

There’s more to getting ready for a hookup. Spend some time reading the suggestions found on and take them to heart. In the long run, those ideas will make casual encounters safer, more pleasurable, and less messy physically and emotionally.